Exhibition space.

Scenographic Time travel

Subject. Design in cultural context II
Semester. SS2 . 13 . ITÜ . Istanbul
Location. Istiklal Caddesi . Istanbul
Area. 1.700 m2

Inspired by the shimmering era of the Turkish film industry in the twenties and thirties of Istanbul, the former cinema building, called Lale Sinemasi in the heart of the lively shopping mile, should be transformed into an outstanding exhibition space. By embarking multisensory the four storey complex, visitors have the possibility to wander through a journey of time of the metropolis. In order to explore the history, art and visionary future projects of the city, the exhibit is individually designed by a scenographic concept. In addition to permanent and temporary exhibition areas, the former cinema includes an auditorium with café, an event area with catering and a bookshop.  Particularly this meeting points invite visitors to relax, share impressions and escape from the hectic of the daily city life. In summary, the aim was to create an atmospherical melting pot of culture. Appealing to the passers-by to experience an interdisciplinary art and culture platform, finally, the exhibition reflects a documentary of the history, the present and the future of Istanbul.