Spa hotel.

Spa Hotel. Essences of the homeland
by Ippolito Fleitz Group

Location. Bad Rappenau. Germany
Area. 4045m2
Office. Ippolito Fleitz Group
Service phases. 1-5
Personal scope. Preliminary design, construction documents, material concept, project management
Planning horizon. 11.2016 – 11.2017

The company „Sonnenhotels“ is specialized in realizing hotel projects with a suitable comfort and accessibility for disabled people with a very high claim on design. Based on the environment, the concept of the interior is shaped by the local natural elements such as salt deposits and water fountains which build the foundation of a 100 percent barrier-free design for young and old. The main objective was, to generate varied areas with a warm and authentic materialized aura. Accordingly, the aim was to achieve a better orientation and particularly to invite guests to experience the multi-sensory place, by the use of subtle surfaces. Secondly the concept of the ground floor is shaped by large communication zones and a spacious layout. Although the attention was paid to different floor coverings, for instance all areas flow softly into each other. Mainly characterized by a varied offer of seating places, the interior design integrates private retreat spaces and intimacy. The hotel room focuses on the function and invite the guest to feel home.