Office entrance hall. Natural Elegance
by Ippolito Fleitz Group

Location. Taiyuan. China.
Area. 2100m2
Office. Ippolito Fleitz Group
Service phases. 2-3
Personal scope. Competition, preliminary design
Planning horizon. 09.2016 – 10.2016

The headquarter of the Chinese Company, shaped by its outstanding architecture, was looking for an appropriate interior design concept. Particularly from the entrance hall to the inner courtyard to the counter zone, the aim was to underline the corporate identity of the place. Principally, the building should communicate immediately attributes like quality, modernity and sustainability to the client and employees. Additionally people should be guided easily to all access areas of the space. Especially by using large mirror surfaces and natural elements, the realization of the idea “Natural elegance“ connects a sustainable green concept with a sophisticated design. Inside of a metropolitan context, waterfalls and basins, natural stone and plants merge with a clean architectural surrounding. Furthermore, huge lounge islands with integrated hanging gardens invite waiting visitors to rest and experience the environment comfortably. In conclusion, the elevator core forms the highlight of the space, which is converted into a dynamic mirror cube in the centre of the large entrance hall. Additionally, the surface is covered by geometric diamond-shaped panels, which interact playfully with the user of the lobby area by radiating reflections.