Pop Up Stage.

Pop Up Stage

Subject. Design as a process
Semester. WS1.12/13. HFT Stuttgart
Location. Parade ground .  Münsingen
Area. 910 m2


The Pop Up Stage gives actors, dancers or different artist groups a temporary platform to train or play general rehearsals in front of a small audience. Surrounded by a natural reserve, the former officer´s ballroom, built in 1942, represents a historical frame of the setted black box in the heart of the building. With this intention to transform the space into a temporary theatre, a simple construction, made out of reduced and durable materials, allows a small crew to build up the stage in a very short time by an easy and flexible handling. Subsequently, by additional and modular elements, the lobby areas and even the staircases are built out of the same materials. Above all, the concept beyond the pop up stage is the creation of a circus character by travelling from village to village in order to bring artistic spirit and energetic events to different places. In summary, the aim especially for the parade ground in Münsingen was, to develop a sustainable rehabilitation concept of the abandoned military base at the Swabian Albs and furthermore to bring back to life the firmly place by inviting artist and spectators to experience the set as a space of cultural exchange.