Boutique Hotel.

The Second Skin

Subject. Design in a Cultural Context I
Semester. SS2 .13. ITÜ . Istanbul
Location. Cumalikzik . Türkei
Area. 600m2

Due to the plan of rehabilitation of the 700 years old ottoman and ancient village Cumalikizik 160km away from Istanbul, the content of the subject was to find a general new concept for the neglected, traditional half-timbered houses made of clay, stone and chestnut wood to draw new attention to the tourism.
By transforming one of the historical family buildings into a Boutique Hotel, visitors of the new space are invited to feel and explore the original aura of daily life of its former inhabitants by reviving historical plan layouts, which reflect the history of ottoman lifestyle.
By respecting the old structure of the existing substance, which accompany the guest of the house continuously, newly built elements frame atmospherically parts of the original building by using archaic materials such as anodized steel, concrete and textiles.